Curriculum Vitae

Matthew Prior

December 2016

Personal summary

Throughout my clinical training, I have taken a keen interest in fertility problems. Presently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham and I have time out of the speciality training programme at ST6 level to work as a Clinical Research Fellow. I have established a randomised controlled trial of hysteroscopic septal resection and prioritised research uncertainties in miscarriage. I have completed the RCOG ultrasound training modules in early pregnancy and gynaecology and developed advanced 3D ultrasound skills during my fellowship. I am ambitious but well-rounded demonstrated through my role as Chair of the RCOG national trainees’ committee and Save the Children Ambassador.

Education and Qualifications

2014 – Present. PhD candidate. University of Nottingham.
2015 Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education. Edge Hill University.
2012 MRCOG. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
2011 DFSRH. Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, DFSRH.
2007 Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS). Newcastle University.
2000 – 2002 A Levels 4 x A grade One AS level A grade Key Skills Level 3 in Literacy, Numeracy and IT. Franklin College, Grimsby.
1995 – 2000 GCSE 11 Grade A* – B. Whitgift School, Grimsby.

Research and Academia

2016 PhD Candidate. University of Nottingham
2016 Miscarriage Priority Setting Partnership. Coordinator
2015 SOLSTICE study Sub-investigator
2015 ASTEROID 2 study Sub-investigator
2015 Reviewer. Human Reproduction journal
2014 UK Audit and Research Collaborative in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (UK-ARCOG) Co-founder


  1. Prior M, Hibberd R, Asemota N, Thornton J. Inadvertent p-hacking among trials and systematic reviews of the effect of progestogens in pregnancy? A systematic review and meta-analysis. BJOG [Accepted November 2016]
  2. UK-ARCOG. Management of obstetric postpartum hemorrhage: a national service evaluation of current practice in the UK. Journal of Risk Management and Healthcare Policy. [Accepted September 2016]
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2015 Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education. Edge Hill University.

RCOG Operative Birth Simulation Training (ROBuST) Course,
I contributed to the development of the RCOG course on operative birth using simulation training personally contributing to the course manual and the pilot.

RCOG Committees 2012 – 2016
Curriculum Committee
Curriculum Review Working Party
Single Curriculum Task and Finish Group
Speciality Education Advisory Committee
Academy Trainee Doctors Group

Departmental teaching
I have given seminars and presentations to junior doctors and medical students on a range of topics including subfertility, infections in pregnancy, multiple pregnancy and uterine rupture, physiological changes of pregnancy and early pregnancy problems.

Sexpression National Coordinator
As a medical student, I planned and delivered a three session sex and relationship education programme to secondary school children in Newcastle. This was delivered over 20 times throughout the five years at medical school and shared with other medical schools across the country.

Audit and Quality Improvement

UK-ARCOGI am co-founder of the UK Audit and Research Collaborative for trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (UK-ARCOG). This collaborative aims to get trainees to collectively audit practice. Our first audit was the management of post-partum haemorrhage in the UK. Over one month we collected data from 98 obstetric units, including 3663 cases of primary PPH. The results have been presented to each region and unit and we have had our publication accepted. We have just completed data collection for our second project rotational delivery at full dilatation (REDEFINE)

Handover of Care, 2013. I supervised this audit of multidisciplinary maternity and gynaecology handover practice carried out by a F2 doctor in the department. The results were presented at the departmental audit meeting highlighting areas for improvement which included improving the inclusiveness for other professionals. I subsequently lead a task group who have developed a maternity handover checklist now being used, and available online.

Cervical Length Ultrasound Audit, 2013. I audited the department’s cervical length ultrasound screening against the RCOG green top guideline on cervical cerclage. This was to investigate the effect on the sonography service and the benefit obtained by women. The audit resulted in me leading on the development of a departmental guideline.

Documentation in gynaecology, 2012. A departmental audit of 25 patients notes retrospectively. Overall the standard was good, but I found that consent, identification of staff and the elective care pathway could be improved. I fed this back by presenting at the departmental audit meeting and produced a poster to be displayed in clinical areas.

Emergency Caesarean Section Audit, 2011. To continuously audit emergency caesarean sections looking at the decision to delivery interval I developed a Microsoft Access computer program to record and analyse the data.

Other Audits performed:
– Laparoscopic Entry
– Obesity in Pregnancy Audit
– Multiple Pregnancy
– Regional Stillbirth Audit
– Medical Management of Ectopic Audit
– Retained Placenta Audit
– Symphysis Fundal Height Audit
– Spinal Nerve Root Injection Audit
– From Admission to Aspirin, Acute Management of Ischaemic Stroke Audit
– Femoral Head Donation Maximising the Resource Audit

Service Improvement Projects

Patient Satisfaction in the Assisted Conception Unit Survey. I surveyed fifty patients attending Leigh Assisted Conception Unit. The unit is HFEA licensed for IUI and satellite IVF performing approximately 450 cycles per annum. The results showed overall high satisfaction but improvements could be made with partner involvement and emotional support. Clinic letters were changed to also invite partners and promote counselling services offered.

Employment History

2014 Clinical Research Fellow Nottingham University Hospitals. In this role I developed my research skills working towards a higher degree (PhD) while contributing to the clinical work of the department. This included working at the senior registrar level in obstetrics and gynaecology in a busy tertiary centre.

2009 – 2014 Speciality Trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Health Education North West I achieved outcome 1 at every ARCP at the following hospitals.

2007 – 20109 Foundation Programme, Northern Deanery, Northumbria Healthcare Trust


6/2016 Value of Information Analysis. UCL
4/2016 Politics Power and Persuasion. RCOG
12/2015 Good Clinical Practice. University of Nottingham
2014 Three-dimensional Ultrasound in Gynaecology. GE Healthcare, Nottingham
2014 Medical Leadership in Practice. University of Birmingham
2013 ROBuST Pilot. RCOG
2011 Perineal Trauma. St Mary’s Manchester
2011 Basic Laparoscopy. Royal Bolton Hospital,
2010 Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasound Theory Course. Burnley General Hospital
2009 RCOG Basic Practical Skills. Barts and The London Hospitals
2009 Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT). Burnley General Hospital
2008 Advanced Life Support (ALS). North Tyneside General Hospital
2008 Paediatric Life Support (PLS). Freeman Hospital,
2007 ALERT Course. Wansbeck General Hospital
2007 Intermediate Life Support (ILS). Wansbeck General Hospital

Lectures and Conferences

12/2016 RCOG National Trainees’ Conference, Newcastle
6/2016 RCOG World Congress, Birmingham, Invited speaker, chair and judge
4/2016 Ethicon, Johnson and Johnson, Gynaecology Anatomy Training.
3/2016 University of Nottingham, Medical Careers Fair. Thinking outside the box. Invited speaker.
01/2016 ESHRE, University of Warwick
05/2015 ACOG, San Francisco, Invited speaker
03/2015 BSGE, London, Invited speaker
12/2015 RCOG National Trainees’ Conference, London
12/2014 RCOG National Trainees’ Conference, Manchester
12/2013 SpROGS, Nottingham, delegate
2/2012 British Fertility Society, Leeds, delegate
2012 Medical Leadership Conference, Bolton
6/2011 SpROGS, Liverpool, delegate
6/2012 British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society (BMFMS) Conference, Gateshead, delegate
6/2009 Junior Doctor’s Agent’s for Change, London, delegate

Selected presentations

2016: Safer Women’s Healthcare. RCOG World Congress. Birmingham. Oral
2016: Uterine Anomalies: are they as bad as we think? RCOG Pre-congress Workshop. Birmingham. Oral
2016: Uterine Septa, when to resect? Fertility Winter Symposium. St Anton. Oral
2016: Fertility Preservation for Women with Cancer. East Midlands Gynaecological Oncology Meeting. Oral
2016: Pilot RCT of hysteroscopic septal resection for women with a history of infertility, miscarriage or preterm birth. ESHRE Workshop. University of Warwick. Oral
2015: Trainees Update. RCOG National Trainees’ Conference. London. Oral
2015: Uterine Septa, when to resect? BSGE. London. Oral
2015: O&G Training in the UK. ACOG Annual Conference. San Francisco. Oral
2013 : A Handover Checklist: Quality Improvement Project. North West Medical Leadership School, Midland Hotel, Manchester. Oral
2011: Is preeclampsia or the peripartum cardiomyopathy, the reason behind pulmonary oedema in a twin pregnant woman? SpROGs, Liverpool. Poster
2010 : Delivering a Polyp – North West Trainees Poster Presentation. Poster
2010: Gestational Diabetes Presenting as DKA. British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society. Poster
2010 : Surgical Complications in Pregnancy. Grand Round Wigan Hospital. Oral
2010: Symphysis Fundal Height Audit. North West Trainees committee evening. Poster
2009: Intrauterine Death Complicated By Hyperreactio Luteinalis. NW Trainees committee evening. Poster
2009: Postnatal Constipation. Royal Blackburn Hospital. Oral
2008 : Upper GI Malignancy. General Surgery Weekly MDT meeting Wansbeck General Hospital. Oral
2006 : The Reconstructive Ladder. Plastic surgery audit meeting. Royal Victoria Infirmary. Oral
2006 Looking After Yourself At University. Lecture to Stage 1 Medical Students. Oral
2001 Hydrogels. The University of Hull Young Scientist of the Year. Oral

Memberships and committees

2016 BMA Junior Doctors Committee. East Midlands Representative.
2014 – 2016 Chairman of National Trainees’ Committee. RCOG
2016 Council. RCOG
2016 Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee Doctor Group. AoMRC
2016 Safer Women’s Healthcare Working Party. RCOG
2016 Finance and General Purpose Committee. RCOG
2016 Specialty Education Advisory Committee. RCOG
2014 Curriculum Committee. RCOG

Awards and Prizes

2016 Nomination for Clinical Research Network East Midlands Research Award Nominated for contribution towards research within the region

2011 David Mitchell Memorial Medal. Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan. Oral presentation titled Surgical Complications in Pregnancy. Awarded for best Grand Round presentation of the year.

2001 Young Scientist of the Year. University of Hull. Awarded for best presentation to an audience of 500 people of all ages and qualifications on Hydrogels.


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